Customers love our char and chewy pizza crusts made with Neapolitan “00” flour and cooked in a 900-degree oven.

Our tomato sauce is a blend of special seasonings with San Marzano tomato sauce.

 The dough is free from Milk, Eggs, Fish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Soy and Sesame

Margherita (V) $10

San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil

Pistachio Pesto $12

Pistachio pesto sauce, bacon, red onion, house cheese blend

Caprese (S) $12

San Marzano tomato sauce, prosciutto, basil, arugula, house cheese blend, lemon juice, red pepper flakes

Zappatore (V)  $12

San Marzano tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms, house cheese blend, fresh garlic

Mushroom (V) $11

San Marzano tomato sauce, mushroom, house cheese blend, parmesan

Buffalo Chicken (S) $13

San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo chicken, green peppers, red onion, house cheese blend

Bianca (V) $12

Parmesan cream sauce, garlic, house cheese blend, ricotta, parsley, scallions

Artichoke (V) $13

Pesto sauce, artichoke, fontina  cheese, arugula, spinach, lemon, olives, pine nuts

Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper (V) $13

Roasted red pepper, Kalamata olives, sundried tomato, artichoke fontina cheese, house cheese blend

Whole Wheat Spinach and Artichoke (No Cheese) (V) $12

San Marzano tomato sauce, baby spinach, artichoke, lemon, pine nuts, basil

Sweet and Spicy (S) $13

San Marzano tomato sauce, spicy pepperoni, honey, jalapeno, fontina cheese 

Pepperoni $12

San Marzano tomato sauce, pepperoni, house cheese blend

Calabrese $13

San Marzano tomato sauce, anchovy, Kalamata olives, basil, house cheese blend

Capricciosa $13

San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, salami, artichokes, house cheese blend, Kalamata olives


Garden Herb Avocado Dip (V) $8

Avocado, Greek yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, basil, cilantro, assorted fresh vegetables, pita bread

Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad (V,GF)  $8

Cauliflower, cilantro, mint, parsley, olive oil, scallions, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, radishes, lemon, red onions

Classic Tabbouleh (V) $8

Parsley, mint, tomatoes, onion, bulgur wheat, lemon juice

Cheese Board (V) $9

Premium 3 style cheeses and meats, fruit, olives

Classic Tzatziki (V) $8

Greek yogurt, cucumber, lemon juice, garlic, assorted fresh vegetables, pita bread

Classic Hummus (V) $8

Homemade chickpea dip, lemon juice, garlic, tahini, assorted fresh vegetables, pita bread

Falafel (V,GF) $10

Crispy chickpea seasoned with garlic, fresh herbs, served with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, tahini ginger sauce, and yogurt jalapeno sauce




Faki Soup (Classic Greek Lentil) (V,GF) $5

Onion, celery, carrots, lentils, plum tomatoes

Mediterranean Chicken Soup (GF) $5

Onion, celery, carrots, garlic, chicken, chickpeas, kale

Roasted Vegetable Soup (V,GF) $5

Butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot



Grilled Chicken, Turkish Kefta, Lamb, Falafel Add on $5 each


Chicken & Avocado Cobb Salad $10

Mixed greens, seasoned roasted chicken, avocado, sundried tomatoes, crispy bacon, boiled egg, feta cheese, tahini ranch dressing

Kale Caesar Salad (V,GF) $10

Kale, avocado, roasted sweet potatoes, crispy chickpeas, house made parmesan tahini dressing

Horiatiki (Greek Villagers) Salad (V,GF) $10

Green pepper, capers, pepperoncini, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, Kalamata olives, feta, house red wine vinaigrette dressing

Spicy Tandoori Chicken Salad (S,GF) $10

Tandoori chicken, fresh garden greens, avocado, cucumber, carrots, jalapeno yogurt dressing

Classic Greek Salad (V,GF) $10

Romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini, feta cheese, house red wine vinaigrette dressing

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (V,GF) $10

Chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, lemon parsley vinaigrette

Baby Kale Salad (V) $10

Baby Kale, sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, chili flakes, feta cheese, bagel chips & lemon vinaigrette



Chicken with Charred Lemon $17

Marinated chicken with dill and  cilantro, served with cauliflower, cucumbers, pumpkin seed, green olives, yogurt sauce, and fresh naan

Kofte $17

Ground beef, onion, Turkish spices, served with bulgur wheat, lemony yogurt chipotle sauce, cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers, red onion salad, and fresh naan

Blackened Salmon Fillets $17

Salmon, honey, olive oil, cumin, garlic, spice, avocado sauce, served with baby potatoes and brown rice

Greek lamb meatball $17

Ground Lamb with 0nion and Greek spices, served with cucumbers, arugula, tomatoes, basil, avocado, lemony orzo, and fresh naan

Moroccan Lamb $17

Roasted boneless lamb leg, onion, Moroccan seasoning, honey, saffron, apricot, almond, with couscous

Imam Bayildi (V)  $17

Stuffed eggplant, oregano, Roma tomatoes, parsley, green peppers, onions, garlic, and spices baked to perfection, served with brown rice, cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers, with a red onion salad

Tas Kabob $17

Lamb stew with lamb, onions, leeks, celery, carrots, green peppers, mushrooms, butternut squash, baby potatoes, prunes, tomatoes, and Turkish spices, served with brown rice, cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers, with a red onion salad



Italian Melt Sandwich  $10

Spicy salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, provolone, fresh mozzarella, red pepper, arugula, homemade vinaigrette, your choice of fresh house-made ciabatta or baguette

Mediterranean Avocado Chicken Salad Sandwich  $10

Avocado, sundried tomatoes, basil, feta, lemon, arugula, your choice of fresh house-made ciabatta or baguette

Homemade Sesame Falafel Sandwich  (V,S)  $10

Falafel, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, tahini ginger sauce, yogurt  jalapeno sauce on fresh naan

Homemade Tuna Sandwich  $10

Lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, mayo, on your choice fresh house-made ciabatta or baguette

Rare Roast Beef Sandwich  $10

Cheddar cheese, horseradish, lettuce, tomato, onion, on your choice of fresh house-made ciabatta or baguette

Granny Smith Apples with Brie Melt Sandwich $10

Brie melted over roasted turkey with honey mustard, on your choice of fresh house-made ciabatta or baguette

Greek Chicken Gyro $10

Marinated chicken, lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki sauce, on fresh naan

Marinated Veggie Sandwich (V)  $10

Zucchini, red bell pepper, provolone, baby arugula, goat cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto sauce on your choice of fresh house-made ciabatta or baguette

Angus Stack Burger $12

Premium Angus all-beef patty, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, served on a brioche bun


Add Bagel or Toast with butter or cream cheese $3

Add Avocado, Ham, or Bacon $3

Add Fresh-Fruit Bowl $5


Breakfast Sandwich $8

Cage-free egg your style, cheddar cheese, your choice of ham or bacon on house-made sourdough

Croissant Sandwich $8

Cage-free egg your style, cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, avocado, baby arugula on house-made sourdough

Egg White Plate $9

Two cage-free egg whites, spinach, sautéed mushroom, on house-made sourdough

Egg in a Hole $9

Two cage-free eggs your style, nested in a house sesame Turkish bagel, served with chopped salad

Scrambled Egg Plate $9

Two cage-free eggs soft scrambled, prosciutto, parmesan cheese, with house-made sourdough toast

Spinach and Goat Cheese $9

Two cage-free egg soft scrambled, sautéed spinach, goat cheese, marinated sundried tomatoes, with house-made sourdough toast

Corned Beef Hash $12

Our signature grass-fed corned beef hash, sautéed onions, topped with two cage-free eggs your way, served with house-made sourdough toast

Lamb Hash $13

Our version of lamb hash cooked in spices, sautéed onions, sweet potatoes, topped with two cage-free eggs your way, served with house-made sourdough toast

Shakshuka  $12

A traditional North African dish made with poached cage-free eggs in tomato and bell pepper sauce, onions, cumin, and topped with feta and parsley




Small  $4, Medium  $6, Large $8



Butter Pecan




Cookies And Cream

Lemon Mint Sorbet

Mango Sorbet

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mix Berry Sorbet

Sea Salt Caramel

Sicilian Pistachio



Vanilla Bean

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Toasted Coconut


Nitrogen Draft Cold-Brew Coffee

16oz $3.50

Cold-brewed compass coffee cardinal blend, pressurized under nitrogen and poured draft style over ice

Nitrogen Coffee Gelato Float

2 Scoops $6.50 / 3 Scoops $7.50

Nitrogen Draft Cold-Brew Coffee and our house-made Gelato



Hot Coffee                 12oz              16oz

  House coffee            2.00              2.50

  Decaf coffee             2.25              2.75


Hot Expresso         One Shot     Two Shot

  Expresso                  2.00              3.00

  Café Americano       3.00              4.00

  Macchiato                3.25              4.25

  Cappuccino             3.25              4.25

  Latte                         3.25              4.25

  Vanilla Latte             3.25               4.25

  Mocha                      3.50              4.50


Bottomless Drinks       2.50    

  Infused Waters

  Fresh Lemonade

  Fresh Limeade

  Iced Teas

Hot Drinks                      16oz

  Hot Organic Teas         3.00

  Chai Latte                     3.00

  Hot Chocolate               3.00

  Hot White Chocolate     3.00


Iced Drinks                     16 oz

  Iced Coffee                    2.00

  Iced Latte                       3.00

  Iced Mocha                    3.00

  Iced Cappuccino           3.00

  Iced Chai                       3.00


Blended Iced Coffee       16oz

  Coffee                             3.50

  Vanilla                             3.50

  Mocha                            3.50

  Dulce de leche               3.50